Welcome to the official TEAMGOD Sea of Thieves division. You have undoubtedly came to the right destination on the high seas for crewing up with other gamers such as yourself. TEAMGOD takes pride in all titles played, and Sea of Thieves is no different.

TEAMGOD members must show-forth not only their skill but also their trustworthiness in furthering TEAMGOD’S position in the gaming world.

The mission of the TEAMGOD Sea of Thieves division is to expand our organization to the high seas of the world. You will be PIRATES. You will take all the loot you can get your dirty hands on. You will sink any ship that threatens to prevent the taking of said loot. You will eliminate all who are not on your crew if they attack you, without the risk of losing your loot.

All members have access to the private SoT threads on the TEAMGOD forum to coordinate your crews.

We will see you on the ship!



To join the TEAMGOD Sea of Thieves division, you only need to meet the below criteria.

  • 18+ years of age
  • Be a team player
  • Have a mic with good clean audio
  • English language preferred
  • Competent PVP skill in case you are attacked
  • Be of good moral character. No hate, racism, bullying etc.
  • Be somewhat active on our forum
  • Cheating? You’re gone

That’s it. Does this sound like you? If so, fill out the form below to get the process started.

Sea of Thieves Recruitment

  • Example: 20/35/24
    Tryouts consist of sailing with a full TEAMGOD Galleon crew. If a full crew isn't available, than a 2 man sloop may be considered.