TEAMGOD was started back in the early days of 1997 by GODJOEY and GODKEVIN (EnticeTheMalice). Slowly, they began to recruit members who not only had godlike skill, but also talent in psychological warfare. During the .com bubble and the popularity of full blown online gaming, TEAMGOD shaped the way for multiplayer starting with Quake II. Today, TEAMGOD exists on multiple platforms playing a variety of different games, mostly of the FPS genre. Until recently, TEAMGOD has been primarily a private group and followed a “invite only” policy. Now, TEAMGOD is public and will operate as a public entity.


TEAMGOD participates in a number of gaming titles, mostly in the FPS genre such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike and Valorant. However, members also play MMORPGs and adventure style games like Sea of Thieves. TEAMGOD is a multi-genre organization with the sol purpose of total domination of our opponents.



TEAMGOD’s most memorable accolades throughout the years of gaming. 

COD Ghosts Clan Wars

TEAMGOD takes #1 in the COD Ghosts Clan Wars on PC.


TEAMGOD takes #1 in Leaderboards for both Planetside 1 and 2.

Motorcity Online

TEAMGOD takes #1 in Leaderboards in EA’s Motorcity Online

EA Vs World Tourny

TEAMGOD defeated EA.LA devs in EA vs World tournament in MOH:AA